Custom Floorplans

As A client of DIY you will have an opportunity to work with any designer you choose. You can go with a set of plans you buy from a company, online or a masterpiece you come up using only the limits of your imagination. From there, we will put boots on the ground to begin making your dream home a reality.

Fast Communication

DIY’s founders each used this same process to build their own homes, so we understand how important it is to be accessible when questions arise. Building a home comes with a lot of variables and we are here to help via phone, text or email when you need us most.

Customer Focused

Our motto is Do It Yourself with Us. We are a team and it takes the entire team to make a set of blueprints turn into a home. We care about our clients and their families and we know that this project is more than a house, often times these houses are going to become generational homes. We not only want to help you build your home, we want to build relationships. This is the biggest expense most families will incur in their lifetimes so we want to make our clients feel as secure as possible in the quality of the home they are building.


Your investment of time will save your equity. DIY will show you how to alleviate the escalated costs involved in the “traditional” building process. We will show you how and where to acquire building materials at a lower cost than retail. Some of our clients have finished their projects with up to $100,000 equity remaining. Give us a try and DIY.

Heavy Machinery
There is a lot of heavy machinery involved in the home building process
DIY will ensure your home has a solid foundation.
Flood Control
Our team is very well versed on building homes with flood control in mind
Your frame is one of the most time consuming aspects of building your home and requires expertise
HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical
DIYs team works with licensed and skilled plumbers, HVAC and electrical personnel
Our Process
As our client, you will have the opportunity to experience the custom homebuilding experience with the benefits of being an owner builder. DIY will build the entire first phase of our clients home. The first phase includes the foundation, frame, mechanicals, insulation, sheetrock, roofing and choice of exterior finish. Upon completion our clients will take over and take advantage of our contractors and wholesale material pricing to completer their home. This process will save money and the headache typically associated with building a home.

Our Founders

A combined 47 years of experience!

Jesse Flores

Structural Consultant

The Team

Lisa & Jesse

Lisa White

Finishing Consultant

Our Process

Here's how we help you DIY beautiful custom homes


We work with a number of banks that are familiar with the owner builder process. We can refer you to a number of banks and brokers that will work with you to get you the best budget for your project.

Floor Plan

With DIY you will have the opportunity to work with any architect or designer you choose to create the home of your dreams. We have a variety we can refer you to as well.


The permitting process is the most important part of your building journey. This is where you will come to know all of the ins and outs of what will be required on your particular property. The permitting process is also the time you will use to get to know your HOA requirements (if applicable). After you receive your permits and HOA approvals you’re ready to break ground.


The foundation of any project is the most important part. DIY will have the “boots on the ground” daily to make sure your home is built on a strong foundation.


The ins and outs of construction can be daunting that is why DIY is here to be hands on from the ground up. We will get you completely dried in from your mechanicals to your roof before we hand the reins over to you.


Finishes is where the “DIY” begins. This is the phase where you will meet with your consultant and they will walk you through how and who to hire to add those finishing touches to your new home.